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BIND Yield Farming, Spellbinder Wallet, Community Fund & More

You can now yield farm BIND, use a new desktop wallet, and get community funding for your Compendia project!


Initiatives by Compendia network validators keep breaking new grounds. We're happy to report about the latest updates coming from the team and the community.


DeFi on Compendia has reached new levels!

Validator Bindfarmer (who also operates validator bindfarm) has launched a Yield Farming platform for BIND:


Bindfarm rewards you with BIND for adding liquidity to Uniswap's wBIND-ETH pool.

BindFarm screenshot

Since its launch 1 week ago, Bindfarm poolers have received an APY (Annual Projected Yield) between 380% and 700%.

Here's how to join:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Connect Ethereum Wallet.
  3. Paste the BIND address you want to receive rewards on.
  4. Add to the wBIND-ETH liquidity pool. If you don't have wBIND, you can swap BIND to it in the Compendia Web Wallet, or you can buy it with ETH on Uniswap, directly inside the Bindfarm app. To pool liquidity, you need to add both wBIND and ETH at a 1:1 rate (e.g. 0.5 ETH + 0.5 ETH worth of wBIND).

Once you added liquidity, you'll see your earnings increase in real-time on the Bindfarm dashboard!

You don't need to stake your Uniswap LP tokens or send coins anywhere. It's a fun, secure, and unique farming experience.

Note: Bindfarm is a community app, and the daily farming rewards are donations from third-parties such as validators and benefactors. The Compendia team is not responsible for Bindfarm. You should be aware of the risks that come with liquidity pooling on Uniswap.

Spellßinder Wallet

Validator spellbinder released the alpha version of their new BIND Desktop Wallet.

enter image description here

The wallet is under active development, and is aimed to introduce a new secure way to access BIND and the Compendia network.

Compendia Community Fund

Validators bfx and cryptomaniac, and Compendia's community manager Jay Gatsby have started a "community fund" initiative called the Compendia Community Fund, or CCF.

Currently in draft stages and accepting feedback from other validators, the fund is described as a community-powered organization to bootstrap community projects.

BFX has mentioned some examples of initiatives that could receive CCF funding:

  • Investing in Compendia-related physical products (hardware, merchandise et cetera);
  • Community marketing of Compendia (meme contests, article contests, bounties);
  • Funding community-built apps;
  • Funding reward programs such as the current relay operation incentives;
  • Investing in the growth of Bindfarm;
  • Funding exciting additions to Compendia in general.

Compendia Core v2.10.14

We recently released a new node software update, merging the updates from ARK Core v2.7.1, and introducing some changes unique to the Compendia network. You can read about the update in the Changelog.

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