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Introducing Maestro - Database Admin Dashboard - Compendia Launch Month

For our second announcement this Major Launch Month, we're presenting Maestro: a database management app that connects directly to your Concierge instance.

A few days ago we introduced Concierge, a server that exposes an API for writing to your Compendia database. This is great for making services like a community submission panel or an automated data indexer.

If you want to add or update an entry to your database without code, right now you'd need to do funky stuff like making POST requests with tools like Postman. And who has time for that?

Today's product makes being a database oracle easy.

Maestro - the dashboard that plugs directly into Concierge.

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What is it

We teased a bit about Maestro before, calling it the Database Admin UI.

It's a client-side dashboard that you can log into using your:

  • Concierge API URL
  • API secret
  • Configured database schema

By logging in, you directly connect to your Concierge instance and you're presented with a form that's based on your database schema.

The form is generated automatically by parsing the JSON Schema data from IPFS.

When you fill the form and click Submit, your new entry is automatically sent to all clients using your database in real-time.

You can also use the Search field to find a specific entry by its primary key (e.g. by url in the case of a crypto_apps database).

You can then easily update the data after finding it.

Hit the Delete button after retrieving an entry to delete it from your database.

Compendia databases work peer-to-peer and off-chain, meaning all data updates happen in real-time and without any fees.

Maestro will be extended in the future to offer more advanced database management features. It'll be available on this website soon, and will also be open-sourced for self-hosting.

Stay tuned for our next update which will introduce major (d)app building possibilities on Compendia!

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