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The Mainnet has Launched!

Today is one for the history books! The Compendia mainnet has launched and you're now able to swap your NOS coins to BIND.

Here's everything you need to know:

NOS to BIND Swap & Bonuses

  • You can swap your NOS to BIND by following this video tutorial.

  • If you swap at least 1,000 NOS (before Sep. 6 2020 UTC) at once, you get a 10% BIND bonus as a 1-year stake.

  • Haven't logged into nOS Client for a while? Check out this guide to import your old wallet into the new nOS.

  • The 10% BIND bonus will grant your wallet with 120% extra Vote Power.

  • If you stake BIND for 1 year (before Sep. 6 2020 UTC), you get 20% extra vote power from your stake.

Check out this Compendia Introduction to learn everything about Compendia and BIND in 10 minutes!


Click here for a simple guide on staking (what is staking, power, how does it help me, etc.)

You can stake your BIND for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months for extra Vote Power:

Duration Power
Unstaked 1
3 months 5
6 months 7.5
12 months 10

If you stake BIND for 12 months before September 5th 2020, 23:59 UTC, then you get 12 Power per BIND instead of 10 (20% bonus).

The minimum stake is ß 100 BIND. After September 5th 2020, this minimum increases to ß 5,000 BIND.


You can put your BIND and Vote Power to work immediately by voting for a validator!

Check out the validators on Bindscan or in your wallet. Click on their names to read their contribution proposals.

When you find a validator that fits your voting requirements, you can click on their name in your wallet and click "Vote" to set your vote (ß1.00 transaction fee).

Compendia Validator List

Important blocks

  • 220,000 (~2020-09-05): The minimum stake increases to ß 5,000 BIND and the power granted by 1-year stakes made after this block will go to 10 from 12.

  • 300,000 (~2020-09-11): Block rewards will be activated. ß 4.84 BIND for the Top 5 Validators, and ß 3.90 BIND for the other active 42 Validators (avg. reward of 4 BIND per block).


Want to run a validator on Compendia? Check out these instructions to start a node.


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