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Week One of Mainnet

We never expected this to happen so soon after mainnet launch.

On Saturday August 22nd 2020 we launched the Compendia mainnet. Since then, the following numbers happened:

  • ß 30MM swapped and ß 5MM staked

  • ß 3MM granted in 10% early swap bonuses (7 days remaining!)

  • 51 validators

  • 10 community apps

  • 3 blockchain node updates

Let's dive into the coolest part...

Community Apps & Resources

Several network validators immediately started working on community tools and apps for the Compendia community.

  • Awesome Compendia - an actively maintained awesome list of all Compendia resources (apps, websites, documentation) made by validators bfx and cryptomaniac. Accepts community contributions!

  • Compendia Validators - a platform for validators to share additional info and blogposts about their Compendia related contributions. Features a spotlight where one validator is featured every week. Made by validator the_bobbie_bunch.

  • Explorer - a Compendia block explorer based on the ARK Explorer, made by validator itsanametoo.

  • BIND Stake Reports on Twitter and Telegram - reports big BIND stakes when they're powered up and reports daily statistics on staking data. Made by validator bindie.

  • BIND Reward Calculator Google Doc - a cloneable spreadsheet that helps you calculate projected rewards, when voting for validators that voluntarily share block rewards with their voters by validator bfx.

  • Rewards Calculator - a tool that lets you enter your wallet address and view projected rewards when voting for reward-sharing validators. Made by validator cactus1549.

  • DutchPool Calculator - an overview of Compendia validators and potential rewards (for reward-sharing validators) made by validators dutch_pool, kippers, st3v3n, and thamar.

  • CompendiaJS and Compendia Crypto - 2 javascript libraries that simplify the process of integrating BIND and Compendia into web services and cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Altilly Exchange - a cryptocurrency exchange that listed BIND trading pairs. Also has a BIND/ARK pair.

Web Wallet Update

We updated the testnet wallet to support second signatures (adding a second passphrase to your wallet for transactions for improved security), and a message signing/verifying system that allows users to sign messages, and lets apps easily verify the signatures with a javascript helper module.

We expect all of this to go live on Compendia's mainnet soon!

Wallet Tools

Message Signing Feature

Second Signature Registration

Node Update

We released two node updates that greatly improve stability and memory efficiency: 2.9.13 + 2.9.14.

Another update is releasing soon that adds second signature support to the network for all transaction types.

What's next

  • Wallet Update on Mainnet: Second Sig + Message Signatures. Already live on testnet!

  • Ledger app

  • Desktop wallet client

  • wBIND (ERC20 Wrapped BIND) & Uniswap integration

  • New wallet & explorer dashboards made in TailwindCSS.

After the Compendia ecosystem offers the smoothest possible user experience, we'll ship the database system and integrate the network's "crypto apps" databases with the nOS app store.

After the initial database system, we'll launch the Database Oracle system that bridges Compendia databases to Ethereum smart contracts.

Special thanks to our community and network validators for making the mainnet launch as smoothly as possible!

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