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Stake Redeeming, eNIGMA, Data Access

Compendia Core has received two critical updates, The Bobbie Bunch launched a new game with BIND, and software enterprise Data Access have launched a network validator.

Compendia Core (the blockchain node software) has recently been updated to v2.11.3 followed by v2.11.9.

In these updates, various security improvements (courtesy of the ARK team and Compendia validator tortoise_emperor) and the Compendia-exclusive "Stake Redeeming" feature have been introduced.

Stake Redeeming

As described in our Feature Roadmap article, at a technical level, (before Compendia Core v2.11.3) stakes would be refunded immediately after a "Redeem Stake" transaction was made.

However, the documentation describes that there should be a delay of 14 days between redeeming a stake and having your staked BIND unlocked.

Phases of staking

Since no stakes had been released on mainnet yet (as the network was younger than three months), we were able to take the time to securely build, test, and deploy this new feature.

As planned, we deployed the node update that introduced Stake Redeem Delays to our public testnet, tested it extensively with our community validators, and have written and deployed a series of automated tests that further secure the network, specifically relating to staking logic.

A couple of days later we deployed the new feature to mainnet. Validators updated their nodes promptly (upside of DPOS consensus!) and now the first stakes have successfully started their redeeming process.

Coming Up

Now that we integrated this critical new feature on our roadmap, we're able to deploy the next planned features:

Coming up first is Stake Extensions: The ability to extend existing stakes, and to upgrade them to longer durations (increasing your stake's power).

After stake extensions, we'll work to deploy the network's primary use case: Database Oracles.

The Bobbie Bunch's eNIGMA

Validator the_bobbie_bunch has launched their new Compendia game: eNIGMA.

eNIGMA Front Page

eNIGMA presents you with a riddle that - when answered correctly - can grant you a prize!

The first prize is a Phonesoap device with a value of $115 USD.

Check in to regularly to take part in riddles and win prizes.

Data Access Validator

With Compendia's rapid development and core features releasing in quick succession, database software enterprise Data Access has launched a Compendia validator, as an investment in the future of Compendia's database oracle features.

More details on that coming in our next blogpost!

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