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Chat To Earn: Get free BIND on Discord

It's like Play to Earn, except you earn by chatting. Live now on the Compendia Discord!


The program is simple: Send valuable messages in our Discord and get free BIND.

Click here to join and start earning!

Chat to Earn

Our Chat to Earn bot was built with Compendia Layer 2 Databases (powered by $BIND).

The bot demonstrates one of the many ways that Compendia's Database Network can power Play to Earn metaverse applications.

All messages that get a 👍 or reaction from the team automatically get free BIND.

How to participate

Earning Rewards

  1. Join the Compendia discord:
  2. Be a quality chatter: share ideas, ask questions, answer others, or even try out our Layer 2 Database stack and provide feedback!
  3. Every time a team member reacts to your message with 👍 or you receive free BIND.

We react to every valuable message.

Claiming Rewards

  1. Create a BIND wallet at
  2. Set your address in Discord by entering /set-rewards-address <address> in chat.
  3. Claim your BIND rewards by entering /rewards in chat and pressing the Claim button.

Note: Low effort messages do not get rewards, and spammers will be banned.

Layer 2 Database Integration

Our Discord bot is built with Compendia Layer 2 Databases.

Discord Rewards schema

We're using a Layer 2 Database to track rewarded messages.

The decentralized database schema can be viewed here, and the data lives here.

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