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Database Oracle Tools Preview

As Compendia's core database features are coming closer to launching on testnet, we'd like to share some new insights into the upcoming Compendia applications!


Database Admin UI

The Database Admin UI is a client-side tool that connects directly to your database api, and lets you create, write, update, and delete database entries for a specified schema.

Login screen

The login screen lets you enter your API address, the API key, and the schema you wish to update.

Afterwards, you'll gain access to an interface that represents your database. The schema data is automatically retrieved from IPFS, so you can enter any schema and the entire interface will adjust itself to it.

Crypto App Store

The first product to adopt Compendia databases will be the app store for nOS (a multi-asset crypto wallet).

We'll also release a stand-alone web-app (also using Compendia's Crypto Apps databases) where you can find the latest trends in dApps and DeFi!

Monthly Summarization Podcast

Validator korfanty recently uploaded his monthly summarization podcast, outlining more details about this month's updates.

CCF - Compendia Community Fund

Validators BFX and Cryptomaniac have written a proposal to support the launch of the Compendia Community Fund (CCF). A third-party fund aimed at helping community members, developers, and marketers realize projects by having a means where anyone can apply for funding.

CCF are currently holding a public poll on Compendia's Telegram to see who's interested in what aspect of the community fund.

If you'd like to take part in the fund (as a potential board member, or a developer looking for community funding): make sure to vote on the poll!

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