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BIND Bonus for Early Swappers/Stakers

Get +10% BIND and +120% Power on your wallet for swapping early, and +20% Power for staking early!

With the Compendia mainnet (and token swap) launching this Saturday, we want to dedicate the token swap to the Compendia/nOS community.

Many of our followers have continuously supported our work and can now proudly call themselves Compendians.

Now that we're launching our mainnet, we want to return the love and support!

Early Swapper & Staker Bonuses

If you swap your NOS to BIND before September 5th 23:59 UTC, you'll receive the following bonuses:

  • Swap bonus: Swap more than 1,000 NOS at once and receive a 10% BIND bonus staked for 1 year on your wallet.
    • The 10% staked bonus grants 12x Power to your wallet. As a result, your wallet's total Power is increased by 120%.
      • For example: if you swap 10,000 NOS, instead of 10,000 BIND + 10k Power, you'll get 11,000 BIND (of which 1k is staked) and 22k Power (+120% bonus).
  • Stake bonus: Stake at least 100 BIND for 1 year (before the same deadline) and receive 20% extra Power.
    • This means if you stake 10,000 BIND for 1 year, instead of +100k Power, you get +120k Power for the full year and 60k Power when released.

But wait, what's Power?

  • Power represents influence on the decentralized Compendia network.
  • Validators on Compendia are ranked by votes.
  • When a wallet votes for a validator, that validator's votes are increased by the voting wallet's Power.
  • A wallet's Power is the added amount of their balance and stake power.

How does staking increase your Power?

  • 1 BIND un-staked = 1 Vote Power.
  • You can stake your BIND for extra Power. 1 BIND staked for...
    • 3 months = 5 Power
    • 6 months = 7.5 Power
      • 12 months = 10 Power
  • Your staked BIND will be locked in your wallet for the stake duration.
  • After the stake duration is over, your stake's bonus power is halved. This way you can still benefit from extra power while being free to redeem your staked BIND at any time.
  • After redeeming your stake, the staked BIND are automatically returned to your wallet balance after 14 days.

With staking, wallets with a small BIND balance can get Power equal to (or larger than) wallets with a high balance.

I'm in! How do I swap?

The swap app will start with the mainnet launch on Saturday, August 22nd (no specific time). You can find the swap instructions here.

This Saturday, it's time to BIND it. See you on the other side!

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