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Introducing wARK and Integrin: The Wrapper Bridge DAO

BIND stakers and wBIND/ETH LPs will be the owners of the upcoming Integrin Protocol DAO!


Today we're excited to announce 2 new projects:

  • wARK: ERC20 Wrapped ARK

  • Integrin Protocol: a decentralized coin bridge that will airdrop its DAO tokens to BIND stakers and LPs.


With BIND's ERC20 wrapper token running stable for several months, we're now ready to take it to the next level by releasing wARK, the ARK ERC20 Wrapper.

ARK Wrapper Screenshot

Using the bridge web-app you'll be able to swap freely between ARK (native) and wARK (ERC20), similarly to BIND and wBIND, enabling you to use ARK within Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem.

Integrin Protocol

Next to launching wARK soon, we're excited to introduce Integrin: a new protocol that will make wrapping BIND, ARK, and other coins fully decentralized.

Integrin is a decentralized service (built by a group of independent developers) that can mint ERC20 wrappers for any native blockchain coin, starting with BIND and ARK.

Integrin Screenshot

Airdrop to BIND Stakers & LPs

Integrin is powered by ITG - an ERC20 token that gives its holders voting power over platform operations (which coins to bridge, how to handle/distribute service fees, etc).

ITG is powered by Ethereum DeFi legos to include:

  • Staking
  • Feeless voting on DAO proposals
  • Decentralized protocol upgrades
  • LP + staking rewards

Since wBIND's codebase formed the foundation for Integrin, we have agreed with the protocol's developers to make BIND stakers and wBIND/ETH LPs the initial receivers of ITG through a token airdrop (details coming soon!).

TL;DR: BIND stakers and wBIND/ETH LPs will get ITG tokens.

Ready to dive in? Get BIND today.

More information is coming soon!

Make sure to follow Compendia and Integrin on Twitter.

Responsibility Disclaimer

wBIND and wARK are currently handled through a semi-centralized service while we're working on Integrin with a group of independent developers.

Keep in mind that there can always be security vulnerabilities and you should never hold more wrapped tokens than you need to.

After Integrin has been extensively tested and is ready for release, the minting rights of the wBIND and wARK ERC20 contracts will be transferred to Integrin-powered multisig wallets.

We at Compendia are code contributors to wBIND, wARK, and Integrin Protocol alongside other developers. We are not the owners of the codebase, and are not responsible for any loss of funds or potential security vulnerabilities in Integrin, wBIND, or wARK. These are decentralized projects and no single party can be held responsible for any issues or loss of funds.

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