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Introducing Bind.Fi - Decentralized Finance powered by BIND

Bind.Fi merges the value of Compendia Oracles and Validators with decentralized finance.


This month we announced a plethora of new Compendia products: a full-stack development suite for Compendia Oracles, and (which is built with that suite).

For our final March announcement, we're elevating BIND to a new level!

Bind.Fi - Decentralized Finance powered by BIND.

Note: This post contains a sneak preview of Bind.Fi. More details will be announced in the future as Bind.Fi comes closer to launch.

What is it

Bind.Fi forms the core application for interacting with Compendia and BIND.

Next to integrating Compendia Wallet's features (blockchain transactions, ERC20 wrapping, DEX), there will be a number of major new features:

  • Voter APY optimizer: sort validators by their voter APY and other funding strategies (e.g. reward distribution). This lets you easily update your vote based on real-time Compendia blockchain data and maximize your APY.

  • Open task market: Complete tasks and earn BIND. A task could be to refer a friend to a Compendia product, submit an entry to an oracle's database (e.g. a new DeFi app for the "dapps" category), create a YouTube video about, etc. Tasks can be created by validators and completed by anyone.

  • ???: A brand new feature that will redefine BIND as a digital asset for decentralized finance. We're very excited about this one, and we can't wait to share more!

More features and services will be included in Bind.Fi that will help holders gain the most out of staking, voting, feeding data to oracles, providing liquidity, and more.

This is just the preview!

ğŸŽµ This is just a tribute!

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Community Giveaway Block Height

For the ß80k BIND Compendia Giveaway organized by ADZ and sponsored by many validators (listed below) and ourselves (matching the prize pool), we're sharing the Compendia block height at which this post is published:


Validator Adz will contact the winners!

Special thanks to all Compendia validators who decided to sponsor ß2,000 BIND for this event:

  • adz
  • don_viti
  • thebobbiebunch
  • maryo
  • wonderland
  • korfanty
  • bindie
  • blues_for_alice
  • arktoshi
  • quentin
  • fnoufnou
  • st3v3n
  • thamar
  • friendsoflittleyus
  • arbaro
  • captain_future
  • pnwdrew
  • witchlove1974
  • kippers
  • dutch_pool
  • drakeler

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