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Introducing Oracle Explorer - Compendia Launch Month

The Oracle Explorer lets you explore all decentralized Compendia databases in real-time.

A few days ago we announced Savant, a service that retrieves Compendia databases and parses them in one simple, pluggable API.

Great! So we can use oracles with apps.

Now you might ask: where do I find these oracles?

Introducing Bindscan Oracle Explorer: The all-in-one dashboard for discovering categories, schemas, and databases.

The explorer will be a part of Bindscan, Compendia's block explorer.

Ready to dive in? Get BIND today.

You can find all available categories, review their schemas, and sync with online databases directly within your browser.

Viewing Oracle Data

When opening a database, your browser opens a direct websocket session with available nodes that are synchronized with the database.

Any updates are synchronized in real-time in your browser, making the explorer not only a very efficient tool for reviewing databases, but also a great solution for debugging your own databases.

Real-Time Oracle Data Updates

The database explorer will go online simultaneously with the Testnet release of the network's Oracle support update.

Stay tuned for our next update in 4 days, where everything we released this month is being put together for the first Compendia-powered service!

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