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Launching the Layer 2 Database Testnet

Write the metaverse without transaction fees. Starting today on Compendia's Layer 2 Testnet.

What is the Database Network?

Compendia is a Layer 2 infrastructure for decentralized databases that are real-time and free to read and write, making it the ideal data solution for the rapidly growing metaverse.

What problem does it solve?

Writing data to decentralized networks usually costs transaction fees.

Writing and reading data on Compendia is free.

Metaverse apps can easily connect to Compendia and tap into curated data (like dapps, oracles, NFT series, metaverse games, etc.) and write data when needed in real-time.

Think Google Firestore or Supabase, but it's decentralized and all data is available to everyone (and everything).

Ready to join? Get BIND today.

How do I get started?

First, join our Discord!


If you're looking to get involved with the network, get yourself some BIND. Holding and staking BIND makes you a part of the network's governance.


Are you looking to build a database? Or a dapp that uses data on Compendia?

We updated our documentation with a new guide on databases.

Our second guide "Building metaverse apps that use Layer 2 databases" is coming soon as well.

We will announce reward programs for building databases and metaverse apps soon, so make sure to follow us and join our Discord!

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