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How thousands of Discord users are powered by Layer 2 Databases

Compendia's Database Network already powers thousands of Discord users and they may not even know it.


Compendia's Chat To Earn bot grants $BIND rewards to people who send insightful messages in our Discord server.

The bot has been live for a few weeks and has awarded thousands of BIND to our Discord members.

What's even more interesting is how the bot is powered: The back-end of Chat To Earn works entirely on Compendia's Layer 2 Database Network (to be powered by $BIND on mainnet).

What are Layer 2 Databases?

Layer 2 Databases are real-time databases that are distributed over a decentralized network of clients (nodes and users).

For writing data: Anyone can add their own database to a registered category on the network. Only the database creator (and approved signers) can write to it. The database layer is peer-to-peer and data can be written in real-time and with no transaction fees.

For reading data: anyone can connect to the network and sync with multiple databases that belong to the same category. This way, apps and dapps can tap into a network of open-source data (e.g. an app store or discord bot that syncs with the "dapps" category).

How are Layer 2 Databases used on Discord?

Compendia's Chat to Earn Discord bot powers our recently re-launched Discord (now at 7,000 members) with a Layer 2 Database.

Every time a server administrator reacts to a chat message with a 👍 or emoji, the message is stored into a Compendia Layer 2 Database.

The bot reads data from the Database Network to check if a message was previously rewarded. If it's a new message, a 50 BIND reward is sent to the message author.

Because Layer 2 Databases are public, anyone can view the messages that received rewards on the Database Testnet explorer. Your browser will sync with the full database directly (so it may take a couple of seconds), and your browser also acts as a node that other browsers can sync from!

Database Explorer

Token Airdrops

The use cases for Layer 2 Databases are virtually endless, but one application that we're working on in particular is, a fully decentralized discovery portal for dapps, metaverse games, and NFT collections!

Next to Integrin Finance's ITG token, will have a DAO token that will also be airdropped to BIND holders.

Make sure to join our Discord to claim your ITG and tokens in time when the airdrops go live.

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