BIND Disclaimer


  1. The Company shall mean nOS Limited, with Company Registration Number C87299 and registered office at 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT 1455, Malta
  1. Affiliate shall mean a person, entity or organization associated with the Company.
  1. Blockchain shall mean a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangeable, digitally recorded, data in packages called blocks.
  1. Cryptocurrency shall mean a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency.
  1. Private Key shall mean a personalized code which is paired with a public key encrypted with algorithms.
  1. Compendia shall mean a public blockchain solution for public data creation, maintenance, distribution, and discovery developed and created by the Company.
  1. Services shall mean any service provided by the Company and/or its affiliates, including the services available to registered Users on the Website.
  1. User shall mean any subscriber, acquirer and holder of BIND.
  1. Virtual Token shall mean a form of digital medium recordation whose utility, value or application is restricted solely to the acquisition of goods or services, either solely within the DLT platform on or in relation to which it was issued or within a limited network of DLT platforms.
  1. BIND shall mean a Virtual Token, created by the Company, intended for practicing certain features on Compendia as described and outlined by the Company.
  1. Documentation shall mean the document published on the Website containing the describing the Company’s project model including an understanding and description of the features and characteristics of BIND.

BIND Characteristics, Features, Rights and Attributes:

  1. BIND may be used by You as an instrument for practicing certain features on Compendia.
  1. BIND forms a digital medium recordation whose utility solely entails the utilization of features on the Compendia blockchain network.
  1. The Company provides no guarantees of the future use or value of BIND, which value may fluctuate and may be reduced to zero.
  1. You are not expected to make a profit from the acquisition of BIND and shall have no expectation of profit from the future success of the Company’s business and/or the efforts of the Company or other persons.
  1. BIND do not in any way represent a share, debenture, stock or unit of the Company. BIND does not represent ownership interests or grant ownership rights, control and voting rights in the Company, nor do they grant any rights to receive a share of the Company’s profit nor any distribution of assets upon the liquidation and winding up of the Company.
  1. The Company is not obliged to redeem BIND at any given time.
  1. BIND does not represent securities, commodities, swaps, future contracts, or either securities or commodities or a financial instrument of any kind. Purchases and sales of BIND are not subject to the applicability of any law which may govern or regulate any types of financial instrument. This Disclaimer and all other documents referred to in this Disclaimer including the Documentation do not constitute a prospectus or offering document, and does not represent an offer of sale to the public, nor is the Documentation solicitation of an offer to buy an investment, a security, commodity, a future contract or a swap on either a security or commodity.
  1. The acquirement of BIND is not for investment purposes and the User should not acquire BIND with such intentions. BIND is not designed, developed nor intended to be used for investment purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. You acknowledge, understand and agree that the holding of BIND does not constitute a guarantee, representation or warranty that the holder will be able to make sure of any assets or profits generated or held in the name of the Company.
  1. You acknowledge and agree that You are not acquiring BIND for purposes of investment or speculation, arbitrage strategy, for immediate resale or other financial purposes.