Common Sense Guidelines

  1. Tl;dr: Use common sense when you upload to the blockchain, otherwise it may not be displayed on Compendia's official applications (i.e. wallet and explorer), though it may still remain visible on third-party applications.

    While Compendia is a decentralized network with peer-to-peer features, the official services that we as a company offer (i.e. Compendia Wallet and Bindscan) are still hosted by the company and provided on its own brands and domains.

    Naturally we reserve the right to protect our official services' users from potentially harmful content, and that's why we have these Common Sense Guidelines.

  1. Any type of content (i.e. validator profiles, schemas, databases) that we consider to be potentially harmful or offensive, or extremely low quality/nonsensical may be filtered from Compendia's official applications (though the company cannot filter content on third-party applications).

    Content that may be considered as potentially harmful or offensive includes but is not limited to: targeted attacks or threats, hate speech, severe profanity, doxxing, and any content/imagery that is considered illegal by EU or Malta laws and regulations.

    Extremely low quality/nonsensical means content that appears to be spam, without purpose, or specifically intended to breach Common Sense Guidelines.

  1. We may not have covered every specific instance of what breaks these guidelines, but that is exactly why we ask you to Use Common Sense.

I do not do that thing.

The Company (nOS Limited, the developers of Compendia) reserves the right to filter any third party content from their official services at their sole discretion. The points above are only intended as guidelines and may be updated at any time.